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Welcome to The Wakening!

The Fippy Darkpaw server has gone live and a few of us have begun to play there come and join us!

Mezzo- Arendris
Sayonarah/Sepha- Possibly might start playing again.

The Wakening is a newly formed progression guild on the Test Server. All classes are open. Come on in...... the water is fine!

If you are applying for FORUM ACCESS, please make a post in the Application forum so we know who you are.

Read the rules before you apply.

Currently we are in Kunark
Level cap is 60

Current officers are:


Contact any of these 7 regarding more information on the guild.

Or, go to our chat channel: test.thewakening to ask questions, there's almost always someone in it. You can join this channel across servers by typing /join test.thewakening
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The Ring of Scale's Heavy Heart

Sarcasm-, Jun 17, 10 9:40 PM.
Well, we've been busy over the past week or so tracking and nailing down the spawns of Kunark dragons and stuff, which has been a tiresome endeavor. However it has paid off, and we've killed the Kunark dragons, hurrah! Times are good when happiness is being spread, and scowling, ready to attack dragons certainly need some happiness. We gave them so many smiles that their hearts exploded and we took their loots and spells for ourselves.

We've also gained quite a few new epics over the past few days, you can see a bit of epic progression in these pictures..

Now it's just time to find little Mr. Trakanon, and finish off Plane of Sky and we shall be intruding upon Velious. Come join us for the happiness!

Uh, First Day of Kunark? What's up?

Sarcasm-, Jun 7, 10 8:02 PM.
Kunark's been open for less than a day, and on our first day we decided to bring a rag-tag band of level 46-56s over to Karnor's to score an early knock-out against Venril Sathir. Hooray lifetapping!

We then went promptly back to experiencing. If you want to be a part of The Wakening, come on over and send one of the officers listed above a tell!

Kunark Ahead With Much Toil

Sarcasm-, Jun 7, 10 5:59 AM.
Welcome back to The Wakening! We have been up to much toil and tomfoolery in the past week. We stormed into Fear and crushed many zombies and tentacle people. We killed many bosses in Hate. And we made out way into Plane of Sky to Island 5, and killed The Spiroc Lord three times to get two Wingblades for our warriors all in one night, and without wiping once. Much happiness, considering we were level 50 in a Kunark-designed raid zone.

We decided to randomly stop by Kedge Keep and show Phinigel Autropos why he isn't worthy of a true raid:

Dread the giant rock guy has fallen:

The Spiroc Lord falls, for the third and final time of the night - three kills, two wingblades...not bad.

Now that the wingblades are safe with our happiness, it was time for the ritual cleansing-by-leaping: (Salientiae gets the prize for furthest leap, damn frog)

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..Discordant looks like he's enjoying the ride

Ripte helps Ravenger the troll slave return to his bind point via a viciously sexy spanking, while Carlsagan the Living Iksar Torpedo approaches the shore. And yes, that really is Carl Sagan.

With the planes beaten, we have opened Kunark and the way to level 60! Come join us in Kunark while we level up this week and spread happiness across this neglected continent. Our way is true and full of smiles.

Vox and Nagafen Down

Sarcasm-, May 31, 10 12:27 AM.
Welcome back to another exciting episode of The Wakening! On today's show, we have a freshly slain Vox and Nagafen to show the world. We took their happiness and split it up amongst ourselves. Nagafen was even kind enough to drop a Cloak of Flames. In fact, I think we made record time, too - clearing from the zone in to a dead Nagafen in under an hour.

After that, we moved on over and melted Vox into the ground. Hooray for death!

And look at all the happy people we brought along with us! Look at that. Now is the time to join in on the fun, for it is just beginning! Don't miss out on the bundle of positive adjectives that is The Wakening.

Next stop, the Planes!

Dragonslaying to Come Soon

Sarcasm-, May 29, 10 2:36 PM.
What's this, we haven't updated in a week? This is madness! We're been busy leveling and bringing happiness to Antonica, Faydwer, and even a little bit on Odus. Look at all the happy people with us!

Already starting our epics too! This Thrackin Griften fellow is a level 55 destroyer of worlds, blood red at level 50. But he was bested by the might of our combined happiness.

Our guild is even more exciting, because we're beta-testing 11 year old quests! I caught a GM fixing & testing a broken classic quest I had petitioned about:

Come join The Wakening and have fun with us! We start raiding this weekend. The adventure is only just beginning now, so don't miss out. It's prime time to come along with us.

Next news update will likely have a couple slain dragons in it. We shall see..
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